VIDEO: Lake Eildon Carp Fishing with Soft Plastics

Carp in my opinion are a very underrated sportsfish here in Australia. We tend to dismiss them as a pest species and that is all. Yes they are a huge pest which are only getting worse in our waterways, but they really are a great light tackle sportfish who can do all the things we want from a sportfish. Just like a barra they run hard and jump, and like a bream can be wary and very hard to temp into eating a lure or soft plastic.

Maybe if we show people how much fun and sometimes challenging it can be trying to catch these fish, we will be doing the environment a favour but also having fun and learning those important lure fishing skills like casting accuracy, patience etc in the meantime.

Fishing for carp is a great way to spend some hours in the middle of the day when the fishing for other species may have slowed down abit, or to pass some time. Give it a go and you will see what I mean!

Lake Eildon is a great place to target Carp when the other fish are not biting well, give it a go on soft plastics next time you are up that way.


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Published on: December 28, 2013

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