VIDEO: 2014 Resolution – East Gippsland Saltwater Fly Fishing

In Depth Angler bring you another video from the beautiful East gippsland. This time with a scenic video showing Darren’s 2014 resolution of using his fly rod more, especially targeting and fishing for the plentiful saltwater species of the region like bream, Flathead and Perch.

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Published on: April 17, 2014

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4 Responses to VIDEO: 2014 Resolution – East Gippsland Saltwater Fly Fishing

  1.' Graham Oates says:

    Hi Darren,

    Firstly, great video and some sweet looking water.

    Have been fly fishing freshwater for the last few years, however never in saltwater.

    I am just setting up my first SW fly rod now (9 foot, 8 weight) as we have a week away at end of year up NSW. As I am very new to this can I ask what brand and type of fly line you were using for this type of flats fishing?. I am also planning on chasing Flathead and other flats species and from my Google research am thinking a WF8 floating line (apparently easier for beginners to pick up off the water) with a sinking tip? Or alternative a full floating line?

    Your thoughts and input would be much appreciated.

    Thanks, Graham

    • Darren Weda says:

      Hi Graham,

      Thanks for the kind words. saltwater flyfishing is great fun, and its a really good challenge to take your flyfishing fishing to the next level. On that particular trip I was using a scientific Angler Intermediate line that I used up in nth Australia in warmer waters, I can’t remember the exact model though. For down here I would look at getting a full float and using a really long flurocarbon leader to get the depth/sink, or a sink tip line, which may give you more flexibilty in the future for fishing more depths etc. Jump onto the flylife forum and have a look on htere. heaps of great info and guys that know alot more about myself about ideal flylines etc. Good luck in the salt, you will love it!



      •' Graham Oates says:

        Hi Darren,

        Thanks for taking time out to reply.

        I ended up going to Aussie Angler in Greensborough (they had a big sale over weekend) and Rick (who’s a champion) sorted me out with a Scientific Anglers floating line, with sinking tip which is what I decided on getting after my online research. He said if not fishing out of a boat and just walking the flats then a floating line is better suited, but if boat fishing intermediate would probably be better suited. Have a lot of time for the guys in there they are always very helpfully, only showing you options available, and not pushing their personal preferences or opinions on you which I think is great.

        This is the same line as you had suggested in your reply as it turns out.

        I am already a member on the fly life forum, and yes there is lots of posts on similar topics on there, just thought that It would be good to get your input also, as in your video you were chasing similar species to what I will be..

        I have been following your posts over the last few years from back country to now in-depth angler and have also noticed that you have given the hard body lures a work out in the last few years, more so than fly in previous years from what I can gather.

        I myself have probably gone other way round fishing hard bodies for a large number of years (with a mate who has a tinnie) now switching over to fly fishing that last 2 years, which I am really enjoying for a change. Only issue is I am the only one I know who fly fishes which is why I guess I never took it up earlier in my life.

        Just wanted to say If you ever do get back into fly fishing in the near future and do plan to do another back-country hike in trip (ie as you did with Cobungra or East Kiewa) would love to come along if you are looking for numbers?

        I myself would like to do the valentines falls area above Geehi reservoir, or the Tooma river could be good also.

        Happy fishing, and thanks again for the reply,

        • Darren Weda says:

          Hi Graham,
          Glad the guys at Aussie Angler were able to help, yes its a great store and i was also over there for the sale on the weekend! Yes i do miss my fly fishing, but have done it for a long time now, and as you know it can be a bit herder to do it when everyone else around you is lure casting! I defintely am trying to get back into though, so watch this space for more photos / videos over the next 12 months. Sure mate if i need a fishing partner up in the hills i’LL let you know. Let us know how you go in your saltwater trips.

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