10 Must Watch Fishing Videos

Its been a hard task but someone had to sit down and filter through the internet to find to find the gems. Here’s my list of 10 must watch fishing films from across the globe.

1. Bucknasty Browns


With runoff in full swing, the guys decided to load up the truck and head south. Targeting big, predatory brown trout and true to their nature the fish didn’t disappoint.

2. The River Keeper


The chalk rivers of Hampshire are known among the angling fraternity across the globe as the birth place of fly fishing – a mere mention of the name ‘Test’ or ‘Itchen’ conjures up images of balmy summer evenings, heavy spinner falls and gluttonous trout rising freely … But what happens after October? When the game season ends and the trout start to think about digging redds instead of sipping emergers? This is the time that the keepers are busiest, improving the beats, preparing for the following season. Behind closed doors a lot goes on however even river keepers have to stay sane and so imitative fly fishing remains. Targeting twenty pound pike on the fly is no mean feat at the best of times but it’s in the dead of winter that we realise exactly who is keeping the balance in these historic waterways.


3. Bulls on Top


Some “fish Porn” from the 2011 red fishing season in Louisiana. When things were right the Big ‘Bull” reds were eating on the top!


4. Damsels in Distress


When a combination of bad weather and good timing resulted in a fish giving us the experience of a lifetime. I crawled on my stomach with my camera to the water’s edge, hit record, and watched what was one of the coolest moments I have ever witnessed.


5. Fly Fishing Vibes with Hooké in Patagonia

BY : Hooké

Follow Fred Campbell, Jeff Bourdages and David Bishop on an 8-day Patagonian fly fishing odyssey in search of big brown and rainbow trout! As with any Hooke film, it is more about the “Vibes” than showing a bunch of big fish being held up, even though you will indeed see some, our videos are more about the journey and the people and things we experienced along the way.


6. Vermillion

BY : Kitchen Sink Studios

Friendship, fly fishing, film and a thirst for adventure, “Vermillion” looks to capture it all and blur the lines at Lees Ferry in Arizona’s Glen Canyon.


7. Gangsters of the Flats 2

BY : FlyCastaway

Here is a look at Gangster of the Flats, the infamous Giant Trevally. Editor and Head Guide Jako Lucas won the award for “Best fishing” at the 8th Anuall Drake Mag Film Awards in 2012 for this Short movie


8. Riding High: A Season on the Fly

BY : Waterline Media

Waterline Media presents a short film for the Drake 5 minutes of Fly Fishing in New Orleans in August, 2011. Filmed over the course of an entire tarpon season from the lower Keys to the Panhandle, Riding High shows the entire migration from the viewpoint of those that chase this amazing fish every year.


9. “the reason why”

BY : Krank Productions

In the series of short documentaries called the “the reason why”. Based on what makes people tick and reason behind their hobby, sport or skill. I have always been interested in people that are really passionate and dedicated in their art.

This short film is about Brett Wilson, one of the most passionate fisherman I have ever meet. He goes in depth on what fly fishing means to him and gives you a little insight of the art of fly fishing. Brett is a very humble and relaxed person which shows through his fishing.


10. Chasing Skinny Water Bass

BY : Bent Visuals

The planning for this trip started months and months ago. I knew I wanted to shoot a decent bass report and I wasn’t going to do it half assed. This required me to sacrifice my rod for a heavy rucksack full of camera gear. Tom and Cam were gonna have to catch the fish, and I was there to catch the action.


BONUS: “En Route To Adventure”

BY : In Depth Productions

Taking you to the picturesque East Gippsalnd fishing for bream and flathead on lures and fly. This magnificent part of Australia showcases some of the best bream and estuary fishing in the country.

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