Murray Cod Closed Fishing Season 2023

The Murray Cod closed season is a vital conservation measure implemented to protect the population of this iconic Australian fish species. Read on, and we will talk about the significance of the closed season, its impact on Murray Cod populations, and why it is crucial for sustainable fishing practices.

Closed season dates for all states

StateClosed FromClosed Till
VIC1st September 202330th November 2023
NSW1st September 202330th November 2023
QLD1st August 202331st October 2023
SA1st August 202331st December 2023
Closed fishing season for each state. Some impoundments are still open through this closed period like Eildon and Copeton. So make sure to check the states website for full closure details and which dams are still open.

Conservation and Reproduction

The Murray Cod closed season is designed to coincide with the fish’s peak breeding period, usually from September to November. During this time, the cod migrates upstream to spawn, making them vulnerable to overfishing, and gives the potential for caught fish to not be able to breed properly. By implementing a closed season, authorities aim to safeguard the reproductive process, allowing cod populations to replenish.

So by not fishing during this period, anglers contribute to the conservation efforts and help promote the growth of cod populations.

Balanced Ecosystem

Murray Cod plays a critical role in maintaining a balanced aquatic ecosystem. As top predators, they help control the population of smaller fish and pest fish, maintaining a healthy fish community, preserving the delicate balance of the waterways and promoting overall biodiversity.

The Murray Cod closed season is a vital conservation tool that aims to protect this iconic fish species that we love to target. By adhering to the closed season, anglers contribute to the long-term viability of Murray Cod populations and ensure a thriving fishing industry for future generations to enjoy.

More info can be found at each States own fisheries website:

NSW DPI Website Click here.
VIC Fisheries Website click here.
QLD Fisheries website click here.
SA Fisheries Website click here.

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