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  • REVIEW: Daiwa Live Trout Swimbaits

    May 29, 2018 • REVIEWS • Views: 6794

    Big baits seem to be the order of the day currently for chasing Murray Cod. Huge surface lures and swimbaits have taken over and to very good effect. Cod are definitely not shy of big lures, and some would say they prefer to go out of there way for a decent

  • Thristy lure murray cod

    REVIEW: Thirsty paddler topwater Cod lures

    July 18, 2017 • REVIEWS • Views: 9391

    Surface fishing for Murray cod has absolutely exploded over the past few years, and is only going to keep growing. People have realised what an exciting and visual way it is to fish for this iconic Australian species, and can be a very rewarding way to catch

  • daiwa spike

    REVIEW: Daiwa Tournament Pro Spike 53SP

    March 10, 2016 • REVIEWS • Views: 5856

    Need a decent size light tackle lure that casts well, dives deep and hangs in the zone? Well look no further, Daiwa’s Tournament Pro spike is here to answer all your needs. Daiwa Tournament Pro Spike 53sp Specifications Type Deep diving Minnow Buoyancy

  • REVIEW: Strike Pro Bob N Spoon

    August 2, 2015 • REVIEWS • Views: 7814

    A modern take on a classic design. Strike Pro takes aim at re-inventing the wheel with the Bob N Spoon. Incorporating realistic head detailing, scale patterns and 3D eyes with an injection molded body, internal weight and and rattle chamber. The humble spoon

  • REVIEW: Lure – Assassin Spinnerbaits

    May 12, 2015 • REVIEWS • Views: 5578

    Introduction We love fishing for Australian natives. Casting hardbodies, lipless cranks and spinnerbaits for Murray cod and Yellowbelly. So we decided to put some of the Assassin spinnerbaits that we use through their paces in this lure review. Spinnerbaits

  • REVIEW: Strike Tiger 1″ Nymph – Creature Soft Plastic

    September 26, 2014 • REVIEWS • Views: 13317

    A 100% Tasmanian owned company is providing us fishermen with a great little creature bait which has been tried and tested on their local population of trout and is now expanding onto the mainland.   Strike Tiger 1″ Nymph Specifications   Type