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We love fishing for Australian natives. Casting hardbodies, lipless cranks and spinnerbaits for Murray cod and Yellowbelly. So we decided to put some of the Assassin spinnerbaits that we use through their paces in this lure review.

Spinnerbaits are one of the best ways to target these structure loving species, so they have to be built tough. Walking spinnerbaits through heavy structure and then having a freight train yella or cod smash your offering is pretty hard on your tackle. Made in NSW by a small single man company, the attention to detail and workmanship is really good. The Assassin spinnerbaits are definitely built tough, and come with a great range of skirt colours (over 40) and blade options.


All of the Assassin’s components seem to be of good quality. Thick wire frames are used, with cleanly moulded lead heads. Skirts all have a good amount of body/strands and as mentioned earlier a huge range of colours.

The Assassin spinnerbaits also come pre-rigged with a soft plastic trailer. A great idea to make the profile of your spinnerbait a bit bulkier, give more action and also give out a bit more movement. I have always put a trailer plastic on my spinnerbaits, so its great the Assassin’s already have one!

One thing we did find lacking on the spinnerbaits was the use of thin split rings holding the blades to the swivels and then the swivels to the frame. We have had numerous times where the blades have been caught up in a snag and upon retrieving the spinnerbait with some heavy handed persuasion the split rings have given way and the blades have been pulled off.

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Compared to other brand spinnerbaits the Assassin’s perform well. The good range of blades all work well, rotate freely with minimal retrieve speed required to get them moving which is important for chasing murray cod. This generally indicates good quality swivels attaching the blades to the frame.

Assassins large selections of head weights (3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 1oz and 2oz) and blades type allows for us to chose the right weight for the right fishing scenario, and while this means we do need to have our favourite colours in a few different weights, the Assassins good pricing makes it a bit easier on the wallet to be able to cover all fishing situations.


Spinnerbaits are predominantly used for chasing Aussie natives like Murray Cod, Yellow belly and Bass, the Assassin range are larger in size so are best suited for Murray cod and Yellowbelly. With the sharing of habitat you will always have a chance of catching them both when targeting the one species.

assassin spinnerbait cod


With so many spinnerbaits on the market these days, you want to make sure you are getting value for money, quality, and a lure that is going to work straight out of the box. Over the years I have used a lot of different brands, and while I have caught fish on most of my spinnerbaits I seem to always go back to the Assassin’s. Their good range, build quality and better than normal price/quality ratio makes buying them very easy.

Where to buy? Assassin Spinnerbaits can be purchased direct from the Assassin spinnerbaits facebook page or through email,

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