REVIEW: Daiwa Tournament Bream (Trout) Specialist Fishing Rod

I’ve had a real good chance to test out my Daiwa Ultra light Tournament bream Specialist TNSB 702ULFSOH and it has not disappointed It has been perfect for throwing ultra light lures and lightly weighted plastics around for bream, and with this being my favourite and most productive way of fishing for bream I have been really impressed.

Victorian trout stream

But truth be told I have found another great use for this ultralight finesse rod, and that is for stream trout. With the SVF, 3DX technology and fast taper it has become my favourite trout spinning rod in small streams. It casts the small hardbody lures I use with ease and accuracy, and has such a nice soft tip which I prefer for stream trout.

213cm / 7′
Ultra Light
Cast Weight
0.8 – 7g
Line Rating 2-6 lb / 1-3kg

One thing I have found with using some bream rods for trout is that the rod tips action is too stiff, and jumping trout can easily throw lures from their mouths as the rod unloads. The TNSB 702ULFSOH though keeps a really nice curve and soaks up all the trout’s erratic actions with ease.

Daiwa Tournament bream Specialist Trout

The Tournament Bream Specialist range has a few other ultra light rods with the same or very similar specs but are a bit shorter, with a 6’7” and 6’ length available. These would be better for fishing super tight streams where the 7’ may feel a bit long, but I like the casting length the 7’ rod gives me in those more open larger pools.

My reel of choice on the TNSB 702ULFSOH is my trusty Daiwa Sol type II 2004, these things are such great work horses, super strong, super smooth and can handle all the rough treatment that is involved with hiking into trout streams, like climbing over logs and boulders, these reels are a must for any serious stream angler.

Daiwa Sol type II 2004 trout

If you are in the market for a new trout stream rod, definitely check out the ultra light Tournament Bream Specialist range as they make a great bream/trout allrounder rods.

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Published on: May 3, 2014

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