REVIEW: Daiwa Tatula Baitcast Reel

We take a look at one of Daiwa’s latest low profile baitcaster offerings, the Tatula. A mid range baitcaster that has a stack of features for its price range, performs well on the water, and is silky smooth.

  Model   Tatula 100H
  Line Capacity   12lb/135m, 15lb/90m
  Retrieve Ratio   6.3:1 (67cm)
  Weight   225g
  Bearings   7+1
  Drag   6kg
  Country of Manufacture   Thailand
  MSRP   $250 AUD


  • Real Four
  • Digigear
  • Magforce Z
  • UTD – Ultimate Tournament Drag
  • Air rotation
  • TWS – T-Wing System
  • Aluminium frame and side plate (gear side)
  • Corrosion resistant clutch mechanism


Daiwas latest small baitcaster reel the Tatula 100H is a smart looking reel, sporting a dark colour pallette, clean lines and a high quality finish.

Featuring some of Daiwa’s newest features like “Air Rotation” and “TWS” the Tatula was a anticipated mid priced reel, providing more bang for your buck than ever before.

The swept back handles and oversized non-slip knobs look right at home on the Tatula, providing for a more centered and balanced winding action, and giving it a higher end look.


The Tatula and the Sol are the first Reels of this size and price range that Daiwa been able to put this width spool on, allowing for around a extra 25m of line (12lb). The higher end Daiwa reels seem to have the same larger capacity as the Tatula. While it is nice to have that extra bit of line on the spool it is not really necessary fishing down here in South Oz where it is very unlikely to get close to being spooled by any of our freshwater natives or ocean going species that you may use this reel for.

Fitted with Daiwa’s UTD (Ultimate Tournament Drag) the Tatula has a ample 6kgs of drag, which is a great amount of stopping power, capable of putting more than enough pressure on most species you will come across using this reel. The long arm start drag allows for quick and easy drag adjustment whilst fighting a fish.

Compared to some of our other Daiwa baitcasters the Tatula is super smooth on the wind, which is attributed to Daiwa’s new “Air Rotation” technology, precision machined gears allow for a super smooth wind and we really could tell the difference when we compared it to some of our other baitcast reels.


The Tatula also features TWS (T-Wing System) a revolutionary feature first seen on the more expensive T3 reels and is now been introduced to the mid range models. The “T” shaped line guide allows for much less line friction coming off the reel when casting, allowing for longer, easier casting, yet good level wind and line control when reeling in.

It has a 20 click adjustable brake which utilises the Magforce Z technology, giving it the ability to sense spool speed and adjust the amount of magnetic braking as required. The technology behind this is well over my head so I just nod my head pretend to understand and enjoy the benefits it gives my casting!


The Tatula is marketed as a mid range reel, with high end features suitable for the pro angler. It is ideally suited for light to medium weight baitcaster use, so perfect for chasing bass, natives, barra, jacks etc.

Priced in at around $250AUD the Tatula is a good option for the budget minded angler, or for that second baitcaster setup for the boat.


The solid aluminium frame and side plate creates a solid feeling reel with a precision and strength wanted in a reel that we are going to be used for hours and hours of casting for natives.

So far our reel has handled its use well, fairing up to a bit of rough boat handling and being knocked around.


The Tatula comes in a number of variations, with 3 different retrieve ratios available, 5.4:1, 6.3:1 and 7.2:1, all come in right and left handed options. There is also the specced up Type R Tatula which is around $60 more, but gives you a slightly lighter reel with extra ball bearings and a black and red colour scheme.

Our 100H model was paired with a Generation Black Cranky  641MHFB Baitcast rod, and spooled with 50lb Daiwa Tournament 8 Hyper PE Braid. A great combo for chasing Australian natives, especially around timber.

Overall the Tatula offers anglers a solid, pro angler specced reel that is super smooth, but with the affordable price tag we all looking for these days.


  Super smooth winding action  Could be a bit lighter, its a bit overweight compared to some of  its rivals in that price bracket.
  Quality at an affordable price


The Tatula series of baitcaster reels can be purchased from most good tackle stores. A list of Daiwa stockists can be found here.


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