Review: Daiwa Morethan 12 braid

Early in my fishing days I always thought braid was just braid. No big variations from brand to brand, model to model etc and generally I went with the cheapest decent brand line i could find, but trust me, I was wrong!

After using Daiwa’s J-braid x4, x8 and also the Evo 8 braid for quite a few years now, I’ve really felt the differences between braid types, quality and price points. Then along came the Daiwa Morethan 12 braid.

This is the premium stuff. Daiwa’s highest quality braid and wow can you tell that it is.

12 strand braids give a really smooth and round profile, generally the rounder the profile, the smoother the finish and thus the better casting distance and smoother feel. It is the smoothness and this castability which I really noticed when I started using the Morethan braid.

Daiwa claim that the Morethan braid has 72% improved abrasion resistance, 20% more strength, an 18% more slippery surface and 30% less line stretch compared to other 8 braid premium PE lines.

A really great article on Fishing line and braid types can be found here.

Morethan 12 braid
Spool Lengths
Line weights PE 0.6 (13lb), PE 0.8 (16lb), PE 1.0 (22lb),PE 1.2 (27lb)
RRP $140.00 AUD



  • 12 Strands
  • UVF – Ultra Volume Fibre
  • Si – Evo Silicone

Daiwa morethan braid

In the Field

Ive been using the Daiwa Morethan braid on a few of my reels in the 13lb strength for quite a while now, and am still just as happy with it as when I first got it. At first I was a bit worried the 13lb (which is the lightest they do in the Morethan braid) was going to be to heavy for my bread and butter estuary fishing, casting small hardbody lures and soft plastics. But I’ve been pleasantly suprised, my casting distance has not been reduced with the Morethan 13lb when compared to the other 4-6lb braids I have been using, and I get the extra comfort and security of some heavier, stronger main line.

The Morethan braid only comes in the Chartreuse colouring, and while some people prefer different colouring, Ive been using chartreuse coloured braid for years and I guess I am used to it now and don’t feel it compromises my fishing at all.

I have been using the Morethan braid on a 16′ Certate 2506 and a 16′ Certate 2004. Both amazing reels in their own right, and now I have them spooled with the best in the business, which only seems fair to these reels.



The Morethan braid is top of the line, and so is the price tag but this braid is for the people who love their high end and high performing gear. A lot of people wouldn’t be comfortable paying $500 plus on a spinning reel, but many will and do, and the Morethan braid is the type of line you want to put on your high end reels to compliment all the other high end features and performance.

A super smooth and strong braided line the 13lb I was using really gave me the confidence to go hard on fish when I needed, gave me really good leader to main line connections and still gave me that long casting distance I require with my lighter bream lures.

If you have a high end spinning reel, then this is the braid for you.

daiwa morethan braid estuary perch

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