REVIEW: Daiwa J-braid

Looking for some new braided fishing line? IDA give a run down of Daiwa’s latest well priced, battle ready “J-braid”, and let you know how it’s been performing for us.

 Daiwa J-braid Specifications
  Type  8 Ply braided line
  Material  PE
  Colours  Chartreuse and Multicolour
  Diameter  0.06 to 0.43mm
  lengths  150, 300, 1500m spools
  Strengths  6-80lb
  MSRP  $34.95 for 150m


With E-honda (oldschool Streetfighter video game character) on the J-braids packaging, Daiwa’s “Be a strong fighter” message is portrayed clearly, and definitely sets the tone for the type of product J-braid is. “Made in Japan” is also prominently displayed, showing Daiwa is keen to keep up with its great reputation for their high quality made products from the company’s mother country.


  • 8 ply weave
  • PE construction
  • low stretch
  • round profile

j-braid perch


J-braid is, as with most braided lines on the market, a good all round line for majority of fishing applications. As we predominantly only lure fish we can only comment on that, but assume that the great sensitivity of this braid would make it a great bait fishing line also.

Smooth round braided lines like J-braid do lend themselves best to lure casting.  It comes off the spool with ease, is nice and strong, and also has good abrasion resistance. All traits I look for in a braid.

Aimed at everyday fisherman and the budget conscious angler, J-braids price point makes it an easy purchase to make and gives some serious value for money. You can easily pay over twice as much for many other good quality braids, but are they really twice as good? I don’t think so!

Coming in a range of sizes from 6-80lb’s it really does suit every fishing style and species you can think of from shallow stream trout to deep water jigging for Kingies.


While not the thinnest braid on the market, J-braid is still a nice diameter that lends itself well to good casting distance but also good abrasion resistance. Sometimes the thinner braids will cast better and further but lack that  ability to withstand a bit of rubbing on the structure that the species we love chasing like to frequent.

J-braid is an 8 ply braid made from Poly Ethelene, has a nice round profile, and is soft and supple, making line management nice and easy.


In the field we have successfully used J-braid in 6lb (0.06mm) and 10lb (0.15mm) strengths, chasing Bream, Perch, Mulloway and Trout. Casting distance has been great and knowing I have that extra bit of abrasion resistance has given me confidence to fish even closer and deeper into structure where the bigger fish love to hide.

Wind knots can be a issue with all braid brands especially in the lighter strengths, and while the J-braid was still susceptible to a few wind knots at times, it was no more or no less than the other cheaper and more expensive braids I have used in the past.

So far the longevity of the line seems to be really good. Having used the line solidly for over 10 months now, we can see that it is not going to need to be replaced once a year like some lines, keeping in mind our reels and lines get used much more than the average fisherman too.


Soft, Supple and Strong, J-braid for us has been a good braid that suits our lure fishing applications to a tee. With numerous reels to spool up, a braid that is priced well but gives us all the things we need for serious lure fishing will win out every time.

J-braids “Be a strong fighter” sums the braid up well, with a braid you we feel confident using while chasing those hard and sometimes dirty fighting estuary, river and lake species.


 + round profile good for casting  – not the thinnest braid going around
 + Good abrasion resistance for its diameter
 + Well priced


J-braid can be purchased from any good tackle store or Daiwa dealer. A list of Daiwa stockists can be found here.

j-braid trout

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4 Responses to REVIEW: Daiwa J-braid

  1.' marty says:

    hey fellas, what sort of knot do you use for braid to fluro on lighter lines? I use a double uni 6lb braid usually to 4lb leader and have been having a lot of trouble getting the knot caught in guides and sometimes coming undone after a cast – most likely due to being worn out when passing through the guides. Are there knots you know of that are better for the lighter lines? do you have a shorter leader so that the knot is at a certain spot between the guides prior to casting? any help would be great, cheers

    •' Boosted says:

      Learn how to tie an FG knot it is superior to a double uni as it’s much thinner and has a higher breaking strain and will work with any lines being joined together.
      A much better knot for casting through your guides, that way you can still have any leader length you like to fish with.

      •' john says:

        Alberto knot with a triple twist a the end to finish. thin as an FG, much easier to tie and better break strength than a uni to uni. Tackle Advisors on YouTube shows this knot as describe well.

    •' Hansie says:

      Slim beauty works for me.

      I dab a tiny drop of superglue in the middle of the knot.

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