REVIEW: Daiwa Generation Black Rod – Trauma Centre

In need of a heavier all round spin rod I decided to check out Daiwa’s Generation Black – Trauma Centre. This Red veneered model has the same great quality and affordable price of the numerous other generation black series rods, and looks to be my new rod for all occasions.

Type Spin
Sections 2
Length 216cm / 7’1″
Action Medium Light
Taper Fast
Cast Weight 2 – 10g
Line Rating 2-5kg


  • HVF High Volume Fibre graphite blank
  • Fuji Alconite guides
  • Daiwa tournament graphite reel seat
  • Ultra tough EVA minimalist split grips


As with all the other Generation black rods we have in our rod collection now, the Trauma Centre has the same good clean looks and high quality features. The bright red colour scheme is what really sets this rod out from its black brothers and sisters though, making quite a statement when compared to most of our other gear.

I found that having a few rods from the Gen black range has been a real benefit whilst fishing. They all use the same or very similar blanks and tapers, so getting a feel for how a rod behaves when picking it up for the first time or after not using it for a while is now a thing of the past. We are now able to pick up any of our Generation Black rods and know exactly what to expect from it.

The first time I used the Trauma Centre it felt like  getting reacquainted with a good friend, giving me the very comfortable and familiar feel of the gen black rods I’m so used too. Making me quickly at ease with the rods fast taper but softer tip, only leaving the slightly longer and beefier blank of the Trauma Centre to get used too. I have found this a definite benefit of having rods with similar blanks and tapers, especially if you are having multiple rods in the boat for a fishing session or competition.


The Trauma Centre uses Daiwa’s HVF (High Volume Fiber) graphite in its blanks and this helps gives the same action as some of their flagship models of rods like the Steez. HVF “combines precise resin control with unidirectional graphite fiber to produce a blank with maximum graphite density”.

The Gen Black blanks are all fast to extra fast in action, but never feel too “stiff” in any way like some fast rods can. I think it is due to the HVF blank and the super thin tips of these rods.


The Trauma Centre is designed as a medium weight all-round spin rod. The 2 – 5kg weight range is well suited as a light natives rod, and all round estuary rod chasing flathead, pinkies, bream, salmon, squid etc. It’s 7’1″ length means it is a good distance caster yet not too long to handle in the boat.


As with all Daiwa products that we have and use, the quality and finish is second to none. I love the standout red colouring on the Trauma Centre, it really makes the finish pop, and give that point of difference people are sometimes after with their fishing gear. Again, with the Generation black rods, you will be hard pressed to find a rod in this price range that is so well finished and constructed.

The Trauma Centre has the same super light EVA split grips and tournament graphite reel seats as all of the Gen Black rods do, The spin rods have a screw down foregrip which hold the reel securely in place. While it doesn’t feel as nice as the ratchet foregrips of the Battlers and Tournament Bream rods, its still nice and solid and not once did we see ours come lose at all.

Fuji alconite lightweight guides finish of the package, allowing for good casting distance and line management.


I have mainly been using the Trauma Centre chasing natives this spring but also with a bit of estuary work thrown in. It has been a dream to cast smaller metal vibes and lipless crankbaits for natives, and larger soft plastics for flathead and school Jewies. The fast taper allows for good long casts but the softer tip also allows the rod to stay sensitive and load up nicely, always keeping pressure on a hooked fish. The Trauma Centre has easily handled the 50-60cm Golden Perch we were targeting at Lake Eildon, and its stronger butt section allowed it to deal with a few larger Murray cod we were lucky enough to also hook.

I have been enjoying the slightly longer length of the rod, allowing for nice long casts with the wide range of lures we use. Our Trauma Centre has been paired with a Daiwa Caldia SHA 2500, running 12lb SAS braid, a perfect match for the rods weight and colour scheme.


The Trauma Centre and the other Generation black series rods are all feature packed, have high quality componentry and have a great feel to them, and all at a seriously affordable price. I know I have said it before, but I honestly believe for the price of these rods you get the best bang for buck for a mid range priced fishing rod.

This rod is now a favourite of mine, and it’s always in the boat if we are down in a Gippsland estuary or up in the freshwater chasing lake trout and natives.


Lightweight  Eva grips seem to get dirty easy
Good length for long casting applications  no rod tube
Price – very affordable for what you get.
2 Piece, makes it easier to transport around.


The Generation Black range of rods can be purchased from most good tackle stores. A list of Daiwa stockists can be found here.

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