Daiwa emeraldas squid jig case

REVIEW: Daiwa Emeraldas Squid Jig Case

While fairly new to squid fishing, I had always wondered what the best way was to store and carry these larger profile lures. So after getting a collection of squid jigs, I decided to look into some storage options and came up with the Daiwa Emeraldas range as a great looking squid jig storage option.
This review covers the medium size jig case, which holds 8 jigs up to size 2.5.

Emeraldas Egi Holder – Medium
EVA foam and heavy duty nylon
Sizes Small – 5 jigs up to size 4
Medium – 8 jigs up to size 2.5
Large – 10 jigs up to size 4
LW – 20 jigs up to size 4
MSRP $18.95 – $32.95
Country of Manufacture


Keeping with the Daiwa Emeraldas’ traditional teal colour scheme, the Emeraldas’ range of squid jigs definitely stand out, and look sharp. The clear cover gives the user a good view of what jigs you have inside the case, which is handy especially if you have more than one case.
The case and its components look and feel high quality which is no real surprise with Daiwa gear, and I was also pleasantly surprised at the reasonable price of these jig cases.


  • Heavy Duty Vinyl
  • EVA foam with keel slots
  • Corrosion Resistant Zip
  • Transparent Polycarbonate panel
  • 4 Sizes to choose from

In The field

While fishing, the Emeraldas jig case is great to use, giving quick and easy access to jigs, and good visibility to which jig case to grab if you are after a specific colour jig.

The polycarbonate panel keep the barbs protected and stops them from getting caught on everything, and the EVA keel slots keep everything positioned and in order, protecting the jigs from damaging one another. The poly carbonate has a tenancy to scratch very easily and while it has no affect on the structural integrity of the case it does take a little away from its aesthetics.

Daiwa state a corrosion resistant zip, but I am yet to find a zip that won’t eventually corrode, so a thorough rinse of the case would be a good idea if it comes into contact with salt water. That’s one advantage of plastic cases with latches over a zippered case.

Overall the Emeraldas jig case is a great piece of gear, with its design and function making it everything you need in a squid jig case.


– Lightweight –  Polycarbonate lids scratches easily
– Holds Jigs Securely –  Metal Zips may corrode over time without care
– Quickly & Easily Identify Jigs


The full range of the Daiwa Emeraldas squid jig cases can be purchased through most fishing stores who stock Daiwa gear. A full list of retailers can be found here.

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