REVIEW: DaiichiSeiko Kousoku Recycler 2.0

The process of spooling reels at home can be an awkward and somewhat tedious process, especially when alone, The team at DaiichiSeiko have taken this problem and created a line spooling and stripping device in one. Meet the Kousoku Recyler 2.0

  DaiichiSieko Kosouku Recycler 2.0 Specifications
  Type   Spooling Device
  Material   Plastic & Steel
  Colours   1 (black)
  Size   205mm x 82mm x 80mm
  Weight   480g
  Origin   Designed in Japan
  MSRP   ¥ 5,800


Anyone that’s spooled a reel at home will know that its not the easiest of processes. There are a few issues that arise, which I’m sure we have all come across.

If your re-spooling a reel with line already on it. The first issue is how do you get the line off? I know I’ve tried making contraptions that fit inside a drill or winding it onto a spool by hand and while these worked to some degree, they were always a bit “clunky” or time consuming. The easy way to strip a reel is of course to just dump the line on the floor and pick up and dispose of when your finished, however this becomes a problem if you intend to keep the line, or reverse wind it back onto the spool.

When it comes to putting new line onto the reel we also run into a few issues. While the assistance of a friend can certainly help the task, attempting the process alone can make for some frustrating times. Two main issues arise, the first is finding something that will hold your spool and allow it to run freely, while the second is trying to keep enough tension on the spool to enable a tight line lay on the reel, especially important for braided lines.

The Kousoku Recycler takes aim at both these problems by not only providing a sturdy base and tension shaft from which to spool off, but also incorporating a geared handle which can be used to crank off line onto a spare spool.

Included in the box is the fully assembled recycler, a short shaft, a long shaft and a screw driver.




Taking design queues from what seems like a turbine jet engine, the designers at DaiichiSeiko have not only created a functioning tool but also made it look cool in the process. Its also evident that a lot of attention was also put into the construction of this product. All areas where stress and wear would occur have been constructed out of steel components. The unit also features three ball bearings to keep operation smooth and effortless.


A 3.5:1 geared handle, allows for quick removal of line off the reel



Quality Steel components have been used in all areas of wear and high stress


Ball bearings support the spool shaft

The tension knob tightens down on a spring which then pushes against a brass insert, allowing fine and even pressure to be applied. A few quick turns of the knob and an impressive amount of tension can be applied, more than enough for spooling all your light tackle spin and bait cast reels.


The Kousoku Recycler, features a g-clamp style base with an opening of up 43mm. A rubber inset is incorporated into the base of the unit ensures a rock solid grip on any surface.


As mentioned above the recycler comes with both a short and long shaft, coming in at 40mm and 100mm which allow a wide range of line spools to be used on the device. The short shaft has been designed for use with single spools, while the long shaft was intended for connected spools. Shafts are secured via a phillips head fine thread bold which runs through a geared cog and into the shaft.




Operation is very simple for both spooling and de-spooling.

To spool a reel:

1. Fix the recycler to a sturdy work surface.
2. Insert the appropriate shaft length and tighten down the screw with the included screw driver.
3. Attach your new line to the shaft, and tension in place with the cog nut.
4. Turn the grey tension knob clockwise until sufficient tension has been applied.
5. Connect your line to your reel and start winding.

NOTE: When spooling try running your line through the guides of your rod, this will give allow you to hold the rod as opposed to the reel stem making the process much more comfortable.

To de-spool a reel:

1. Fix the recycler to a sturdy work surface.
2. Insert the appropriate shaft length and tighten down the screw with the included screw driver.
3. Attach a spare empty spool to the recycler and tension in place with the cog nut.
4. Turn the grey tension knob clockwise until you have just enough tension to prevent the recycler wheel from moving on its own.
5. Connect your line from your reel to the spare spool and start winding with the knob on the side of the recycler.

When de-spooling it can take a little while to get your head around which way to turn the wheel, As the wheel is geared, it will make the spool turn in the opposite direction to that in which you turn it.

Check out the video below which shows both processes mentioned above.


In real world use the Kousoku Recycler is a great tool for those anglers with multiple reels that re-spool on a semi regular/regular basis. Build quality is excellent and the unit does an exceptional job at its intended purposes. The geared handle does trick your brain somewhat and takes some getting used to but overall the unit is well worth the money.



 + Quality Build   – Can take a while to get used to which way the spool will spin
 + Small & Portable   – No carry case
 + Innovative
 + One Person Use


The Kousoku Recycler can be purchased online from select Japanese retailers.

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