REVIEW: BerleyPro Stow Bro

So continuing on from my whole Kayak storage OCD issue and solution, I have now taken it one step further to the boat, and have decided to try BelreyPro’s very versatile Stow Bro product.


BerleyPro manufacture a range of kayak products to suit a variety of popular makes and models. This is not the first product from BerleyPro that we have reviewed. Previously we taken a look at the BerleyPro Visor and BerleyPro Side Bro, both of which I found to be both functional and well made, so when I decided to try tidy up the boat I knew I wanted a similar product to the Side Bro, but something that would potentially suit a boat a bit better, so along came the Stow bro.

Similar to the kayak, I wanted something or somewhere I could always have my essential bits and pieces ready and organised. So this needed to be scissors, pliers, knife and maybe leader, or a handful of lures. Potentially I could have used a side bro and just mounted that in the boat somewhere, but then I saw BerleyPro’s Stow Bro product, and decided to give that a go.


The Stow Bro is specifically designed to hold one pair of scissors, one pair of pliers or Lip grips, a knife, and then it has a small pocket at the bottom which can be used for whatever you like. Maybe leader, scent, used lures etc etc.

Made from the same hardy black ABS plastic as the Visor, these things are near indestructible. As with the Side bro they have built in bungy cord that cleverly hold the scissors and pliers in place snuggly so they don’t rattle around or fall out.

The StowBro is designed to be flush mounted anywhere you see fit. It comes with 4 stainless screws which secure the product nicely to any flat surface.

BerleyPro Stow Bro


Previously my scissors and pliers were kind of just put into a communal tray in the boat, but inevitably they always ended up at the bottom of the pile when i needed them, covered in lures, line, and anything else i’d chucked in there. Now finally my essentials have a home where i know they will be free of obstruction and quick to access. Its amazing how much easier it makes life when you know exactly where your tools are!

I have mounted my Stow bro on the side of my timber Rod locker not far from the casting deck, So items can be reached while I am kneeling or sitting on the casting deck. Mounting options and locations really are endless. I’ve seen them mounted on the underside of deck hatches, and on every possible flat surface within a boat.

The bottom pocket of the Stow Bro Ive been using for a roll of leader and my tube of scent, which has been very handy.


The Stow bro is another OCD product that I’m in love with. Keeping my boat tidier, and my gear all sorted.

Any boat owner should take a look at the Stow bro if you want to be serious about keeping your essentials organised and secure.

Its great to see an Australian company designing and manufacturing unique products designed by fishermen for fishermen.



+ Quality Build – only available in black
+ Great packaging and instructions – only fit big pliers
+ Innovative
+ Clever design
+ Very versatile



Stow Bro’s and other BerleyPro products can be purchased direct from the BerleyPro website or through one of their extensive dealer network.


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