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REVIEW: BerleyPro Side Bro

Like to be organised? or perhaps have a little OCD?? Well have I got the kayak storage product for you!


BerleyPro manufacture a range of kayak products to suit a variety of popular makes and models. This is not the first product from BerleyPro that we have reviewed. Previously we taken a look at the Berley Pro Visor which I found to both functional and well made so when I saw Martyn had released the Side Bro, a handy holder for your scissors, pliers and small tackle box, I knew I had to try one.

Previously I’ve had my fishing essentials scattered around my yak with no real home. Pliers and scissors in mesh side pocket and lures on the gunnels in the many deck recesses, this has unfortunately lead to the inevitable of a few items going over the edge from time to time, but things are about to change!

BerleyPro Side Bro


The Side Bro is specifically designed to hold one pair of scissors, one pair of pliers or Lip grips, and the Waterproof Plano Stowaway 3440 tackle box.

Made from the same hardy black ABS plastic as the Visor, these things are near indestructible. They have built in bungy cord that cleverly hold the scissors and pliers in place snuggly so they don’t rattle around or fall out.

As per all of BerleyPro’s products, I’m constantly amazed at the ingenuity and thought that has gone into their products. For example the Side Bro comes with a handy little spacer, that can be placed in the pliers/lipgrip section to allow for a snug fit depending on the type of tool you choose to home there. Genius!

The Side Bros has been designed as a direct replacement for the standard mesh pocket that comes standard on Hobie Kayaks, utilizing the same screws and mounting holes but can also be mounted on any flat surface for those that have other brands of watercraft.

It is available in 2 models, Side A (right) and Side B (left) which can be purchased separately or as a pair.

If you want to use the Side A side bro, you will need to relocate the Hobie rudder down cleat, so its in a comfortable position. This can require a bit of trial and error.


When I first trialled the Side Bro I instantly felt much more organised and at ease with my inner OCD self.

My scissors and pliers finally have a home within arms reach and better yet are securely located. Its amazing how much easier it makes life when you know exactly where your tools are, instead of searching around your yak trying to remember where you left them last (which usually coincides with trying to keep a fish in the net)

The tackle tray is great for housing my lures for the day, again keeping them organised and secure, preventing the possibility of falling overboard.


The Side bro is one of those products you never knew you needed, but once you have it you could never live without it.

I’d recommend taking a look at the side bros if like me you have a kayak and an organisation problem, or just want to streamline your experience on the water.

Its great to see an Australian company designing and manufacturing unique products designed by fishermen for fishermen.



+ Quality Build – only available in black
+ Great packaging and instructions – they eat into kayak internal space a little bit
+ Innovative
+ Clever design
+ Very versatile, with a few minor mods can be fitted to other kayaks.



Side Bro’s and other BerleyPro products can be purchased direct from the BerleyPro website or through one of their extensive dealer network.

berleypro side bro

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