REVIEW: Plano Elite 3607 Spinner Bait Organizer

Spinner baits have come along way in Australia in recent years, with new companies springing up all the time, there is now a great variety of sizes and styles for us to choose from. While this vast selection is great, spinner baits have had a history of being difficult to organize & store because their wire frames, skirts, blades and bulky heads.  With this issue in mind we take a look at the Plano Elite Spinner Bait Organizer.

Model Number 3607-04 & 3707-04
High impact plastic
Sizes 3600 Size – 273mm x 184mm x 44mm
3700 Size – 355mm x 228mm x 47mm


The quality and finish of Plano boxes is second to none and its little wonder why they are the market leader in tackle storage. The Elite Spinner Bait Organizer is no exception to this, exhibiting the same features we have become accustom too from the Plano stable as well as introducing some new ones.


The Elite Spinner bait Organizer’s main feature which sets it apart from other spinner bait boxes on the market is its unique patented compression catch system. Unlike most spinner bait boxes on the market which utilize a “hanging” system, where by the spinner baits are place along a a notched divider and hung side by side, The new system sees a series of groves and notched posts. Spinner baits are place in just behind the head where the skirt starts, then the arm is bent down and secured into one of the two notches on the post. The memory in the wire of the spinner bait helps hold them securely in place. To remove simply push down on the arm to remove it from the notch and the spinner bait comes free.





This system holds many advantages over the conventional storage system. As baits are positioned side by side in full view. This makes selection and removal very easy. The slim line design & footprint of the boxes makes it a lot easier to store and transport with existing tackle systems. Baits are fixed securely in place and as such these boxes are much quieter as blades aren’t hanging down clanging against each other.


The boxes are available  in both 3600 & 3700 sizes. The 3600 size accommodating up to 18 Spinner baits and the 3700 size holding a massive 39. Also available in the 3700 size is a spinnerbait/buzz bait combination box that will hold 26 spinner baits and 13 buzz baits.


Newly redesigned hinges attach the lid securely to the body of the tray and look to be extremely strong and durable. Located on the front of the box are two extra large latches also redesigned from those used on the pro latch stowaway. Both the hinges and the latches seem a little over kill in comparison to the hinges of the pro latch stowaway which i have never had an issue with.



The 3607-04 will hold a variety of sizes and styles of spinner baits. I found that I could store everything from the larger cod size baits right through to compact bass style baits. Twin arm spinner baits can also be stored by collapsing the arm. The only spinner baits I found that could not be stored were those with really short arms which did not extend past the rear of the head.



As mentioned earlier the Elite Spinner Bait box is available in both 3600 & 3700 sizes. This means for those with existing tackle systems which accommodate 3600 & 3700 size boxes, the Elite Spinner bait box will interchange perfectly.


Plano Quality
Lack of position adjustments to accommodate XL trailers.
Durable Hinges & Latches
20 groves but only 18 posts
Ease of Bait Identification
Holds baits Securely & Quietly


Plano products are distributed by JM Gillies and are available at most good tackle stores.



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