Port Phillip Bay Lure fishing session

This time of the year produces some great lure fishing opportunities in Port Phillip Bay, with heaps of Australian Salmon, pinkie snapper and bream available to target.
We headed out onto the bay for a lure fishing session and to check out a few new spots, but unfortunately ended up with a windy morning which made things a bit difficult.  We ended up fishing some of the rock walls, jetties and structures around the Yarra River mouth and into some sheltered waters of the bay.


port phillip bay pinky snapper
The Z-man 2.5″ grub plastics we decided to use started getting smashed from the first few casts, with a nice little pinkie snapper being the first fish in the boat for the day, followed by another and another! We had the plastics rigged on TT and Fintech Nuckle Ball jigheads in 1/8 – 1/4 ounce weights. Rob then hooked his first ever pinkie, and proceeded to smash his PB numerous times ending up with a great 43cm pinkie which he pulled from some heavy structure after some great line peeling runs.

port phillip bay salmon

Some nice Port Phillip Bay bream were also landed while targeting the pinkies, and is always a welcome by catch for any lure fisho, luckily for us they can hang out together in the same habitat and eat the same lure types as snapper.

Port phillip bay bream

Fishing the plastics higher in the water column saw us get onto a few Australian Salmon which were very happy to smash our lures and then give a good fight on our light bream gear, it was great to see these 3 species all in very close together harassing the baitfish.

Fishing these areas of structure and deeper rock walls give you the chance to catch all these species in the bay, and generally once you find one fish you won’t be far from the others too.

port phillip bay pinky snapper

Don’t forget to look for the bait fish too, where theres bait theres bigger predators, so we always use our sounder to help identify areas where there is bait congregating or hanging around and these are good areas to target with your lures.

Port Phillip Bay is a great all year round fishery and can provide some great lure fishing opportunities and fun for all the family, so go out and check it out.

hooked up in ppb

port phillip bay pinky snapper


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