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We had a reader of the blog contact us recently asking us for our recommendation of a good fishing rod that she could buy for her partner. We were told he was a keen and experienced fisherman, “almost obsessive” she described him as, and she said he had all the gear needed but she was after something a bit special or different for him.

I don’t know about you, but i am quite picky with my fishing gear, and while it probably sounds a bit ungrateful, I dread the thought of someone else spending money buying me fishing gear, especially when there is a high chance it may not suit my needs or styles of fishing.  So this question got me thinking, and putting together a list of gifts that serious fishermen would actually want.

Here is our top 10 gifts for the “serious fisherman”!

Fishing store vouchers

If your not worried about your gift being a bit impersonal, then this is for you! Giving a fisherman his own choice of gear is one of the best gifts you can give!

High quality lip/boga grips

Every fisherman needs a pair of these! these are by far the safest way to hold fish especially if it has a lure in its gob. They are also handy for grabbing big fish that will not fit in your net, and also for swimming fish back to good health before release.  Good quality grips will last you forever, and are made from non corrosive materials. Expect to pay from aorund $20 -$120 for a pair of these.

Digital scales

While it is becoming more popular to measure fish by length, weight is still considered the defining factor in a fishes true size. Along with the curiosity of knowing what your trophy size fish may also weight, a good set of digital scales would make a great gift for any avid angler.

Fishing pliers/scissors

All I can say is high quality, high quality, and high quality! I have probably gone through 10pairs of crappy quality scissors and pliers, when I should have just got some good ones form the start. definitely a fishing gift I would welcome!

Action Camera

While not the cheapest present, definitely one of the better options. All fishermen love taking photos or videos of their catches and generally a good quality waterproof camera like a gopro will do a great job in and out of the water.


At some stage in your fishing adventure you will be out before the suns up or the after it has gone down. A good quality headlamp is imperative to get you through that darkness!

Waterproof Jacket

A high quality jacket will keep you warm and dry, and lets face it, serious fishermen don’t really care too much about the weather! Rain, hail or shine we will be out in the elements doing what we do, so good gear is imperative.


While some fishermen don’t rate scent, I definitely think it can’t hurt and may be one of those things to get the fish to bite on that day. A great little gift for the angler that may have it all already.

Waterproof phone case

You would be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t own an expensive smart phone these days, and water and phones really don’t go well together. A fully water proof or even a showerproof phone case will help keep your phone safe and dry out in the boat or kayak.

PFD (Personal Flotation Device)

There is huge range of PFD’s on the market these days, and it is amazing how much comfier they are making them now compared to a few years ago. For Kayak fishermen and small boat owners who need to wear PFD’s the whole time on the water, you really need something that is a comfy as you can get to help reduce fatigue, and to be, well comfy! I am currently using a PFD Storm Rider Angler yoke and am loving it. Super comfy standing in the boat or sitting down in the kayak, I forget it is on half the time which is what you want in a PFD.

PFD angler yoke



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