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First I should start out by saying that I did not come up with the idea of this and there are guys that have been doing this for years, but I thought i would share it for those that i haven’t seen it.

The reasons for changing out treble hooks can be numerous, broken, bent, dulled or even lost completely, and its not always convenient to change them once you get home or back to base.I have found that a quick change of dulled hooks, can turn bumps and hits into hook ups and fish in the boat, its for that reason that I always carry spare treble hooks when on the water.

Instead of having multiple packets of hooks tucked away in your bag, then some slit rings in another pocket and your split ring pliers somewhere else. I decided to try out this handy little solution.

I came across these little boxes from C & F Design. Model No. CF-1535N


C & F Design are known primary in the fly fishing world for making high quality fly boxes, they are designed and made in japan, so their quality is second to none.

The reason I chose this box over a standard  fly box is the fact that it has two in-built compartments – as this box is originally designed for nymphs, these compartments were intended for indicators and split shot, but work equally well at holding a couple of different size split rings. Another added bonus, is that the space between the two compartments is the perfect size for a pair of Smith Split ring Pincettes. Once you have used these (or any pair of split ring pliers) you will never go back to trying to using your fingernail or a normal pair of pliers.


The box allows me to carry around 30 Hooks, which is more than enough for a day on the water, I store all the new hooks on the left hand side, and reserve the right hand side to place the old, used broken hooks for disposal at a later date.


Having everything in one place allows for less time looking for things and more on fishing.

The C & F Design 1535N retails for around $49.95 AUD

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Published on: March 23, 2013

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