IDA’s Top 5 Murray Cod fishing tips

Australian natives can be such frustrating species to target with Lures in particular Murray Cod. I’m not going to lie, fishing for these guys can really test your patience and skills.

You can increase your chance of catching a Cod by following our top 5 Cod fishing tips below.

1.    Fish low light periods

Dawn, dusk and after dark are by far the best times to fish for cod. During these times of low light, cod leave the safety of their daytime homes and more willingly swim around in search of prey under the cover of darkness. Not only are the fish actively searching for a feed during these periods, they are often at times more aggressive.


2.    Fish close to structure

When the fish are not out actively hunting, they are generally holding in a nice safe dark location under some kind of structure. Whether that be submerged timber, willow branches, rocks or weed. By targeting these areas as close as possible with your lures you will have a much greater chance of getting a cod to bite.


3.    Cast at likely spots numerous times

Sometimes cod are not in the mood to feed and a well placed cast to even the best snag in the river will be ignored. Don’t be fooled into thinking they are un-catchable however.  As Murray cod are a very territorial fish, repetitive casting into a key fish holding area, can often result in a territorial strike, essentially annoying them into biting. So casting at likely spots is definitely important when chasing these fish.


4.    Persistence is key

Expect many a fish-less trips when chasing cod, and natives in general. There seems to be a lot variables that will make these guys turn on and off throughout the day and week. Things like barometer, water temperature & level fluctuations, and other little unpredictable things all play their part in determining how “switched on” the fish will be. Persistence is the key and the more time spent on the water will not only give you a better knowledge of the habits of these fish but also an understanding of which conditions are more favorable than others.

koolabung snake Murray cod

5.    Prepare for the big one.

You never know when its going to come along, so make sure you are prepared! A lot of people have spent along time chasing that magical meter fish, so when it does happen you want to be ready. You’re much better being over gunned on a small fish than under gunned on a large fish, so don’t be afraid to use heavy gear. Also pay close attention to the state of your terminal tackle, periodically check for things like scuffed leaders, weak leader knots, and dull or bent out hooks.

big murray cod

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