Getting yourself into kayak fishing


Kayak fishing as a sport has really taken off in the last few years, with all the major brands now having dedicated models especially for fishing. Not to mention the huge number of kayak fishing competitions currently happening all over the country.

But you shouldn’t feel left out. It really is quite easy and affordable now days to get yourself into one of these easy to use and extremely versatile fishing vessels plus the Pro’s and Con’s of kayak fishing speak for themselves and you will no doubt see what I mean.

Kayak Fishing Pro’s and Con’s
  •  Cheap to purchase and run
  •  More weather affected
  •  Gives better access to new fishing locations rather than land   based
  • Travel distance limited to fitness
  •  Increased fitness
  •  Good chance of getting wet
  •  Access areas boats cannot go sometimes.
  •  Stealthy
  •  Alot more options for launching locations (anywhere!)


Basic secondhand kayaks can be bought for as little as $300 now! Which really does make them accessible to all anglers, young and old.
I have had plenty of success fishing out of my old basic kayak, fishing estuaries, rivers and inshore bays, and by basic I mean a kayak and a paddle! No sounder or electrics, rod holders or compartments, and I think in some ways this can make you a better angler, having to use your eyes to try and find fish holding locations and not always relying on electronics.

I am definitely not saying that a higher end pedal kayak is not worth it, but it is not absolutely required to get you onto the water and opening up so much more water than if you were landbased.

So if you are a serious fisherman and are a bit sick of being stuck on dry land but can’t yet afford a boat, give a kayak a serious thought as an interim to get you out on the water and among the fish!

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Published on: November 18, 2015

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