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Childs Play – soft plastics fishing with kids

This summer I have enjoyed teaching my 4 year old son to fish, he started to show interest watching me rig rods and clean my boat at home, and I was keen to start him lure fishing straight away.
I found him a great little graphite kids rod which is 5ft long and light, and looks just like one my rods, it even has a split butt which he thinks is awesome! Matched with a 1000 size reel and some 4lb Fireline, it is the perfect little person’s outfit for Soft Plastics.

SP’s are a great way for kids to started in lure fishing, it’s an active way of fishing, perfect for short attention spans, and the use of a single hooked jig head is much safer than lures with small razor sharp trebles.

snapper kids fishing

Pinkie snapper are a fantastic option for kids to target. They are readily available in Port Phillip and Corio Bays this time of the year and hit SP’s hard, even small fish fight well and are great for kids to learn their craft.
Fishing from a boat makes things easier, rather than casting in front of a boats drift as I usually do, I cast my sons lure behind the drifting boat, and then I hand his rod over to him to do the rest.
A few small hops of the rod every now and then is usually enough to attract a bite, and when the giggling and laughing starts is a sure sign that he’s hooked up!

kids fishing

I have found a slightly heavier jig head than normal works well, and sinks when hopped rather than being dragged mid water by the boat.  My favourite soft plastics to target Pinkie Snapper at the moment is definitely the 4 inch Gulp Nemesis.

Kid’s attention to the task at hand will always come and go, it’s important to have plenty of food and drinks on board, and accept there will be times when hanging a rope over the side of the boat, or pressing the buttons on fish finder is more fun than actually fishing!
These moments present a perfect opportunity to get a few casts in myself, and a couple of fish landed will usually spike his interest in having another go.

So next time you are taking the kids out fishing, consider using Soft Plastics, it’s an easy and effective technique, and best of all its great fun for kids and parents alike.

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Published on: March 10, 2016

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