2015 Trout Fishing Closed Season Dates

Remember that in Victoria, NSW and TAS we have closed season for all trout species every year. Put these dates in your diary so you don’t forget.

The closed fishing season for trout (and other salmonids) for 2015 :

VICTORIA –  from midnight on Monday 8th June, to midnight on Friday 4th September 2015.

NSW – from midnight on Monday 8th June, to midnight on Friday 2nd October 2015.

TASMANIA – they have numerous different seasons for different trout species and waters, so best to check out the Inland fisheries Service Website for more info.

The closed trout fishing season is in place to allow for all trout species to spawn and reproduce without the interruption by fishermen, which may decrease the amount and rate of breeding that is completed. During this time, anglers must not take or possess trout or salmon in rivers and/or streams*, as these are important areas for spawning.

Lakes & Impoundments remain open year round however, many of which are stocked annually and can offer some spectacular fishing, during these cooler months.

*There are  a few select rivers designated as ‘Sea-run trout’ rivers which are exempt from the closed season.

Check out the DEPI website (VIC), DPI website (NSW) and IFS website (TAS) for full season closure rules and a list of which waterways  do and don’t have closed seasons as well as trout minimum sizes and bag limits.

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