Top 5 DIY Hobie Kayak Modifications

As I’m sure most people can attest to modifying or accessorizing our possessions to improve their look and or function can be just as enjoyable as using the item itself. Whether its our cars, boats or in this article kayaks, there is a myriad of accessories available to enhance our time on the water. Here is our top 5 Mods to improve your Hobie Kayak.

*We have performed these modifications to a range of Hobie Sport and Outback kayaks,  As with any modifications its best to check with your yaks specific year/model first to make sure these modifications will suit.

Rectangular Hatch

Upgrading¬† from the standard 8″ Twist-N-Seal hatch to the rectangular hatch makes a world of difference when it comes to storing and accessing items. The hatch mechanism opens and closes much easier than the circular hatch. When used in combination with the rectangular bucket and gasket you have a sealed waterproof compartment perfect for protecting and accessing valuable items such as cameras, phones and keys. The bucket can also be removed, allowing you to store more gear inside the hull.

Check out our full rectangular hatch install article HERE

Part Number: 71707003 (rectangular hatch kit), 71709001 (rectangular bucket)
Approximate install time
: 30mins
Cost – $180AUD

ST Turbo Fins

The addition of turbo fins, increases both speed and torque with little to no extra effort required from the angler, you will slightly increase the draft of the kayak but the benefits far out way the downsides

Part Number: Kits (includes 2 fines and 2 masts) 72066001 (grey/black), 72066021 (red/black), 72066031 (blue/black)
Approximate install time
: 15mins
Cost – $160-170AUD


Large Rudder (Sailing Rudder)

Upgrading from the standard rudder to the large rudder, makes a huge difference to craft handling. Tracking is greatly improved for both peddling and drifting requiring less adjustments to the rudder controls. Turning is also improved with quicker initial “grab”

Part Number: 81397001
Approximate install time
: 10mins
Cost – $40-50AUD


Front Hatch Liner

The addition of a front hatch liner improves the usability of the front hatch. A hatch liner protects items from getting wet, should the internal of the kayak get wet. It also prevents items from sliding deep inside the yak, preventing access while on the water. Official Hobie hatch liners are available to purchase for selected hobie models, however these can also be a cheap and easy DIY, using a Flexi Storage tub.

Part Number: 72020041 (Outback), 72020042 (Revolution 13/ Quest 13), 72020044 (Revolution 11/ Quest 11)
Approximate install time
: 10mins
Cost – $5-80AUD

hobie tub liner

Railblaza Rod Storage

Although all Hobie kayaks come standard with rear moulded in rod holders, they have a few minor drawbacks that can be overcome with the addition of railblaza rod holders.

The addition of the Sideport and Rod holder 2 to the rear cargo area of your yak, allows you to store your spare rods inside the yak away from salt spray in vertical position without protruding the footprint of the kayak, this allows for better maneuverability in tight areas. The Rod Holder 2 also allows you to lock your rod in the holders, preventing rods from accidentally being dislodged

Part Number: 03-4014-11 (Sideport) 02-4020-11 (Rod Holder II)
Approximate install time
: 10mins
Cost – $50-60AUD (single rod holder and side port)



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