Quick look: 2015 vs 2016 Generation black rods


Most of you know the Generation Black range of fishing rods by Daiwa are one of my all time favorite rod series, so when I heard about some of the changes they were making to the 2016 model rods I was pretty excited.

Hands down I still think they are one of the best value for money rods you can buy, getting a hell of a lot of rod for what you pay.

So lets have a quick look at what is different in 2016.

generation black rod specifications

Guides – The new 2016 rods feature Fuji KR Alconite guides, a step up from the standard Fuji Alconite guides.

Reel seat – The reel seats on the 2016 rods are quite different with a new “high grip seat on the lighter models and custom Fuji’s on the heavier ones.” The new reel seats all screw up from the butt instead of down as part of the foregrip on the older models.

Split grips – both models feature split grips, with all the older 2014 models having the large 6-8″ gap between reel seat and butt grip. But the lighter models in the 2016 range have a much larger lower butt grip leaving only a small gap in between the lower reel grip and the butt grip. The exception is the heavier 2016 models which have retained the larger gap as per the 2014 models.

Blanks – These stay the same HVF (high volume fibre) as in the previous older model.


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Published on: May 29, 2016


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