COMPARE: Daiwa Double Clutch 60 VS 75

Recently Daiwa have released a new addition the their lure range, the 60mm Double Clutch. Taking its design characteristics and internal moving weight system from the original 75mm Double Clutch, we have a look at the differences between the two and see what all the hype is about.


Well you would think this one would be pretty obvious, the 75 is 75mm long and the 60 is 60mm long, 15mm difference, not that much….right, well that is correct to a certain degree, however upon first seeing the lures in real life, I was a little surprised about how much smaller the new 60mm actually was. The 60mm is not only shorter in length, it is also slightly smaller in width and height and also features a much smaller bib, all of this put together means that overall the lure has a much smaller profile the original and the overall length from the bib to tail is 23mm smaller.
Also due to the smaller size, the weight is also reduced, the lure goes from 5gms (75mm) down to 3.6gms (60mm)


Side By Side








The new 60 only carries over three colour from the 75mm variant (Rusty Ayu,Ghost Wakasagi & Lazer Ayu). There is 10 colours (7 new) in the Australian line up, and also another 5 colours that were released in japan. All the new colours, look very well suited to chasing our local species, with most of them being natural based colours, quite a few of them in a matte finish. There is one “ugly duckling” in the bunch. Crab liver, not sure what they were thinking when they sprayed that one up, i could be wrong, maybe it will become the new “hit” colour and we will soon be seeing all our favorite lures sprayed bib to tail in a poo brown colour…..but i doubt it.


The split rings appear to be an exact match to the original, however the hooks are completely new, they appear to be about a size 14 and are finer gauge to the original, they feature the new “Saq Sas” plating technology. There is not much written about this new technology, well nothing in English that i can understand anyways. The new hooks do appear to be sharper and “stickier” than the standard trebles that we are used to seeing on daiwa lures. Due to the finer gauge of the hooks they will most likely need to be upgraded after a fish or two.


HOOKS – New SAQ SAS hook on left, original on right


Both of Double Clutches share Daiwa’s “S-GOS” or silent gravity oscillation system. The system slides a weight to the rear of the lure along a wire shaft towards the rear of the lure which allows for long smooth casts with the lure tracking straight and accurate, when the lure is retrieved the weight moves to the front which allows for better balance of the lure. There is two dampening washers located on each end of the wire to dampen the movement of the sliding weight, which reduces  noise.

On Daiwa’s website they state that the moving weight is made out of tungsten, this is true for the 75, however it appears in the new 60, that the weight is made of another material. The weight appears larger in size, but also lighter in weight and is a bronze colour which suggests it to be brass or copper.


The new 60mm Double Clutches from Daiwa are sure to be popular, with the same quality finish and construction as the original, the smaller size should appeal to a wider range of fish, the new colours and hooks are also a great addition. I’m looking forward to throwing these over the next few months and seeing what they produce.

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