Piers, Pylons and Pontoons – Targeting bream around man made structure

May 5, 2016 • GUIDE, TECHNIQUES • Views: 4739

If bream are one of the species you like to target whilst fishing, then I have no doubt that at some stage or another you have managed to catch or at least have seen Bream hanging around or feeding off man made structure of some sort. Man made structure will provide some of the best …

Top 3 Finesse fishing tips

December 3, 2015 • GUIDE, TECHNIQUES • Views: 6195

“Finesse” is a bit of a buzz word around the fishing traps at the moment, but in essence just means making some changes to your tackle and technique which will be a bit more subtle and hopefully help your catch rates for some of those more finicky species. So here is our 3 best tips …

GUIDE: Bream on the flats

April 8, 2015 • GUIDE, TECHNIQUES • Views: 8982

One of the best and most effective ways to target bream with lures is on the flats. By flats I mean any piece of water that’s bottom is generally flat or very slight gradient, but is generally 1m deep or less and covers a fair area. Flats can potentially go completely dry on low tides …

GUIDE: Lure Fishing Basics – Part 2

August 20, 2014 • GUIDE, TECHNIQUES • Views: 7153

Part 2 of our Lure Fishing Basics article will cover lures, retrieves and locations. We are not going to go into huge amounts of details in this article, but hopefully just enough to give you some pointers and help direct you in the right direction to catch your first fish on lures or improve your

Our Top 5 Lure Fishing Knots

May 22, 2014 • GUIDE, TECHNIQUES • Views: 11239

Ok guys, there are literally hundreds of different fishing knots out there, most of which work just as well as each other. The trick with fishing knots is to get comfortable and competent with handful of them, so when you get out on the water, your can quickly tie it without thinking, whether it be

5 Tips for Flathead Fishing with Lures

May 1, 2013 • GUIDE, TECHNIQUES • Views: 91242

1. Keep the lure on or close to the bottom while fishing This is the most important tip I can offer for flathead fishing. Flathead sit hidden in the sand and the mud on the bottom waiting to ambush passing prey, if your lure is not within a metre of the bottom, then flathead are …

5 Trout Fishing Tips for Victorian Rivers

April 10, 2011 • GUIDE, TECHNIQUES • Views: 38578

Here’s our top 5 tips when targeting trout in Victoria’s rivers and streams       For more tips, reviews and reports Subscribe here.