Knowledge is king – Learning fishing the fast way

January 5, 2020 • IDEAS • Views: 1841

So traditionally the way you would learn and evolve your fishing was mainly through trial and error. knowledge of species, techniques and locations were hard to come by. Magazine articles, and word of mouth were the main conduits for knowledge and ideas. Fast forward 15-20 years and we are in the

IDA’s Top 5 Murray Cod fishing tips

April 7, 2017 • GUIDE, IDEAS • Views: 4218

Australian natives can be such frustrating species to target with Lures in particular Murray Cod. I’m not going to lie, fishing for these guys can really test your patience and skills. You can increase your chance of catching a Cod by following our top 5 Cod fishing tips below. 1.    Fish

Top 10 gifts for fishermen

August 18, 2016 • IDEAS • Views: 7285

We had a reader of the blog contact us recently asking us for our recommendation of a good fishing rod that she could buy for her partner. We were told he was a keen and experienced fisherman, “almost obsessive” she described him as, and she said he had all the gear needed but she was

Boat Cleaning Tips – Magic Eraser

July 27, 2014 • IDEAS • Views: 25109

  Boats get dirty! That’s just a fact of life and as to be expected as we travel from one fishing destination to the next. Saltwater, dust, road grime, fish slime, the list goes on. These cooler months are a great time to give your boat the once over in preparation for the season ahead.

Using your iphone as a marine gps chartplotter

April 23, 2013 • IDEAS • Views: 78568

Not everyone can afford a GPS chartplotter for their fishing boat, and sometimes a sounder and a good old fashioned map is enough to get people by when fishing new or old water, but with the new age of smartphones we can now turn our iPhones into a nice little GPS chartplotter to have in …

DIY: Lure Box Upgrade

March 23, 2013 • DIY, IDEAS • Views: 9127

There’s a bunch of different lure storage solutions out there, fancy compartments, boxes and containers but the majority of us still use the trusty Plano stowaways. Over the last few years Ive been messing around “pimping” my boxes, to offer better protection to my beloved

Spare Treble Hook Storage – Lure Fishing

March 23, 2013 • IDEAS • Views: 6740

First I should start out by saying that I did not come up with the idea of this and there are guys that have been doing this for years, but I thought i would share it for those that i haven’t seen it. The reasons for changing out treble hooks can be numerous, broken, bent, …