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    February 4, 2015 • Uncategorized

    The Focus Point Magazine OUT NOW!
  • metung vic bream classic

    March 30, 2015 • REPORTS

    REPORT: 2015 Vic Bream Classic Round 2 – Gippsland Lakes
  • mako sunglasses

    March 27, 2015 • GUIDE

    GUIDE: Fishing Sunglasses lenses

    March 10, 2015 • REPORTS

    Wingan It!
  • daiwa tatula murray cod 2

    February 20, 2015 • REVIEW

    REVIEW: Daiwa Tatula Baitcast Reel

    February 10, 2015 • REPORTS

    PICTORIAL: Fishing Victoria’s Alpine Region
  • The Focus Point Magazine OUT NOW!

    The wait is finally over! Click the link below to check out our brand new project The Focus Point. The Focus Point is a brand new FREE bi annual digital magazine which we have put together with of some of the best authors & photographers in the fishing community. A huge thank you to everyone …

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  • REPORT: 2015 Vic Bream Classic Round 2 – Gippsland Lakes

    Round 2 of the 2015 Vic bream series was held at Metung in the Gippsland lakes. Last year we were restricted to the major rivers due to bad weather but in stark contrast this year we had amazing weather, light winds and plenty of sunshine. While the nice weather was great for boating and moving …

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  • GUIDE: Fishing Sunglasses lenses

    One thing I found out when looking for a new pair of fishing sunglasses was that I didn’t know much about lens colour and how it can best be tailored to the type of fishing I do. So here is a summary of what I found and how it can help you if you are …

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  • Wingan It!

    Spontaneous fishing trips are usually some of the best, the type where you just get up and go with no real plans or expectations. The March long weekend crept up rather quickly and with a few days off Josh and I decided to head east to explore a small tidal estuary system reserved only for …

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  • REVIEW: Daiwa Tatula Baitcast Reel

    We take a look at one of Daiwa’s latest low profile baitcaster offerings, the Tatula. A mid range baitcaster that has a stack of features for its price range, performs well on the water, and is silky smooth.   SPECIFICATIONS   Model   Tatula 100H   Line Capacity   12lb/135m, 15lb/90m   Retrieve Ratio   …

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  • PICTORIAL: Fishing Victoria’s Alpine Region

    With hot weather predicted for Melbourne, we decided to head to Victoria’s alpine region to escape the summer heat. There’s so many options to explore and fish in this part of the world, spring fed creeks, hidden lakes and boulder filled rivers, we only just scratched the surface in the day and a half of …

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  • REVIEW: Daiwa Generation Black Rod – Trauma Centre

    In need of a heavier all round spin rod I decided to check out Daiwa’s Generation Black – Trauma Centre. This Red veneered model has the same great quality and affordable price of the numerous other generation black series rods, and looks to be my new rod for all occasions. Specifications Model 712 MMLXS TRAUMA …

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  • 2015 Trout Fishing Closed Season Dates

    Remember that in Victoria, NSW and TAS we have closed season for all trout species every year. Put these dates in your diary so you don’t forget. The closed fishing season for trout (and other salmonids) for 2015 is from midnight on Monday 8th June, to midnight on Friday 4th September 2015. The closed trout …

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  • GUIDE: To Scent or not to Scent

    To scent or not to scent, that is the question! Most anglers seem to have an opinion on the effectiveness of using scent on fishing lures. Some people think scent is a gimmick, that it’s more inclined to catch the fisherman in the store as opposed to fish out on the water. While other people …

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  • REVIEW: Daiwa Battler – Water Zombie 701ULFS

    The original Daiwa Battler range of rods were a huge success with Australian anglers when first introduced many years ago, some models such as the Sparrow & Kingbolt still retaining a cult following today. Daiwa’s vision for the new Battler series rods was to make the most lightweight and technically advanced rods available to date, …

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  • Summer Holidays – East Gippsland Style

    Summer holidays always come around quicker than expected and often just the thought of going away at the same time as thousands of others can put a halt to any plans before they are even made. I myself have been in this situation many times before, always thinking of things to do over the Christmas …

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  • REVIEW: Daiwa Generation Black Rod – Drunknmonkey

    Daiwa’s generation black series of fishing rods offer great quality at such an affordable price, so lets have a look at my dedicated lightweight plastics rod, the Drunknmonkey 6101ULFS, by far my favourite lightweight plastics rod. Specifications Model GB 6101ULFS Drunknmonkey Type Spin Sections 1 Length 208cm / 6’10″ Action Ultra Light Taper Fast Cast

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  • REPORT: Vic bream Classic 2014 Grandfinal

    The 2014 vic bream classic grand final was held down at the amazing mallacoota inlet in far eastern Victoria. Generally a bream fishermans paradise, the Mallacoota system can give anglers some of the best bream fishing they will ever come across, but for the 50 anglers who made the 2014 vic bream grandfinal unfortunately it …

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  • IDA FIRST LOOK: Daiwa 14′ Presso 2025H

    Just in direct from Japan, we have got our hands on the new 2014 Daiwa Presso 2025H. More details and full review to come.   SPECIFICATIONS   Line Capacity (Nylon)  2.5lb – 100m / 3lb – 90m   Retrieve Ratio   5.6 (75cm)   Weight   185g   Bearings   10+1   Drag   2kg   …

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  • Species Insight – Southern Calamari

    Whether your chasing them for the table or the bait box, calamari are favorite target species for anglers. Get to know your catch a little better with this months Species Insight.

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  • VIDEO: Eildon Yellowbelly Season Begins

    In Depth Angler had a successful trip up to our favourite natives fishery Lake Eildon, chasing our first Victorian yellowbelly for the 2014/15 season. The fish were quite active up to about 10.30am when they slowed down. We managed to get a little bit of footage on our iPhone, so we put together a little …

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  • REPORT: Vic Bream Classic Round 5 – Hopkins River

    The 5th and final round of the 2014 Vic Bream Classics was held at Warnambool on the Hopkins River over the weekend. Such a small system can make fishing with 50 teams quite interesting and is a system known for its tough conditions and shy fish. This weekend was no exception. Pre-fish day gave us …

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  • A Week At Windamere – PICTORIAL

    This trip to Windamere had been on my mind for a while. After seeing countless photos of monster golden perch being posted on Facebook and Instagram in years past, I wanted in on the action this year, so a date was set and trip preparations were put in place. Along for the ride was Ash …

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  • GUIDE: Boat Ramp Tips and Etiquette

    I think everyone has experienced a bit of annoying time wasting at boat ramps before, and we all wished that there was a pamphlet given out to new boat owners on what to do and not to do when launching and retrieving your boat. Boat ramps can be a highly stressful situation for some, especially …

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  • REVIEW: Daiwa TD Sol II 2004

    One of Australians favourite spinning reels, the Daiwa TD Sol II has been redesigned with some of Daiwa’s ground breaking technology to create an even better version of this mid range workhorse reel. SPECIFICATIONS  Line Capacity  3lb/140m, 4lb/100m  Retrieve Ratio  4.8 (63cm)  Weight   240g  Bearings   8+1  Drag   2kg  Country of Manufacture  China …

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  • REVIEW: Strike Tiger 1″ Nymph – Creature Soft Plastic

    A 100% Tasmanian owned company is providing us fishermen with a great little creature bait which has been tried and tested on their local population of trout and is now expanding onto the mainland.   Strike Tiger 1″ Nymph Specifications   Type   Creature Bait   Material   Soft Plastic   Depth   Variable   …

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  • VIDEO: Drone test action

    We recently had a bit of a muck around with a mate’s drone while on the water fishing. We used this as a bit of a test to see what sort of results and shots we will be able to get for some of our future fishing videos. Check it out!

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  • REVIEW: Daiwa Aegis 2004

    Designed specifically with finesse fishing in mind the Daiwa Aegis offers a host of features in a super lightweight package to suit today’s modern lure angler.   SPECIFICATIONS   Line Capacity   3lb/100m, 4lb/90m   Retrieve Ratio   4.8 (63cm)   Weight   195   Bearings   7+1   Drag   2kg   Country of …

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  • GUIDE: Lure Fishing Basics – Part 2

    Part 2 of our Lure Fishing Basics article will cover lures, retrieves and locations. We are not going to go into huge amounts of details in this article, but hopefully just enough to give you some pointers and help direct you in the right direction to catch your first fish on lures or improve your …

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  • Trout and Water Temperature

    I’ve always been interested in Trout behavior and why two trips to the same location can sometimes give such different results. So after recently fishing in one of Victoria’s western lakes which had a very cold water temp of around 8 degrees, I wanted to try and learn a bit more about how trout and …

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  • Boat Cleaning Tips – Magic Eraser

      Boats get dirty! That’s just a fact of life and as to be expected as we travel from one fishing destination to the next. Saltwater, dust, road grime, fish slime, the list goes on. These cooler months are a great time to give your boat the once over in preparation for the season ahead. …

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  • GUIDE: Lure Fishing Basics Part 1 – Gear

    GEAR If you are just getting into lure fishing, here are some basics that will help point you in the right direction of landing your first fish with lures. We are going to break this article up into 2 parts, with the first section being on lure fising gear. Rods graphite rods are a must, …

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  • VIDEO: En Route to Adventure – Part 2 – Snowy Mountains Trout

    In Depth Angler is proud to share our latest video project with you. En Route To Adventure – Part 2 Snowy Mountains Trout. The En Route to Adventure series aims to take you on a visual journey, chasing Australia’s favorite species in some of our countries most spectacular locations. We have tried to take a …

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  • Top 10 Hardbody Lures for Bream Fishing

    These days there are thousands of different lures on the market to target bream. Lure fishing for bream has taken off in a big way over the past 10 years, and where we as anglers used to only have a handful of brands from overseas companies that could be adapted to suit this finicky species, …

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  • REVIEW: Daiwa Generation Black – Blackjack – Travel Rod

    In my opinion a 1-3kg rod is the perfect fishing all rounder. Its light enough to target smaller species that inhabit our southern estuary and freshwater reaches like bream, flathead, trout and redfin, yet still has the power needed for when those larger species inevitably come along. A 3 piece version of this rod would …

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