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  • Eildon Murray cod

    May 21, 2017 • REPORTS

    To Catch a Metery – Part 2 – Cod Fishing Lake Eildon

    May 15, 2017 • REPORTS

    To Catch a Metery – Cod Fishing Copeton Dam
  • Lowrance elite 9 ti

    May 14, 2017 • REVIEWS

    REVIEW: Lowrance Elite 9 ti
  • big murray cod

    May 11, 2017 • GUIDE

    GUIDE: 2017 Murray Cod Closed season dates
  • daiwa gekkabijin air 2003

    May 7, 2017 • NEWS, REVIEWS

    IDA FIRST LOOK: Daiwa Gekkabijin Air 2003
  • To Catch a Metery – Part 2 – Cod Fishing Lake Eildon

    So I’m not sure exactly which god Josh and I have pleased lately, but for us both to get our first meter plus Cod only a week apart means we have been definitely doing something right! In all seriousness though, most people don’t see or realize the amount of fishless trips that we have both …

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  • To Catch a Metery – Cod Fishing Copeton Dam

    Well where to start. If I had started writing this piece a few days ago, it would be a very different article from what your about to read, but more on that later. Copeton dam is a destination any keen cod angler will know about. Its hard not to have heard of the iconic location with …

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  • REVIEW: Lowrance Elite 9 ti

    First Impressions Straight out of the box the new Lowrance Elite 9 ti feels and looks very familiar to me. I’ve always used Lowrance products, and the Elite ti seems to follow in the footsteps of its more expensive HDS siblings. It looks, functions and has a similar layout I am comfortable with straight away. …

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  • GUIDE: 2017 Murray Cod Closed season dates

    Just to keep everyone up to date, below are the Closed season dates for Murray Cod in Victoria, ACT and NSW for 2017. Having a closed seasons is allows the fish to reproduce in peace and quiet without us anglers harassing them, which in turn it provides us with a more sustainable and robust fishery …

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  • IDA FIRST LOOK: Daiwa Gekkabijin Air 2003

    Daiwa’s latest finesse reel is here! and I couldn’t resist! The Gekkabijin Air 2003 boasts some of Daiwa’s best and newest technology in this ultralight little spinning reel, and at only 175g I can see this becoming my favourite little lightweight reel very quickly! My first impressions as I hold the reel in my hands …

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  • Review: Daiwa Morethan 12 braid

    Early in my fishing days I always thought braid was just braid. No big variations from brand to brand, model to model etc and generally I went with the cheapest decent brand line i could find, but trust me, I was wrong! After using Daiwa’s J-braid x4, x8 and also the Evo 8 braid for …

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  • REVIEW: DaiichiSeiko Kousoku Recycler 2.0

    The process of spooling reels at home can be an awkward and somewhat tedious process, especially when alone, The team at DaiichiSeiko have taken this problem and created a line spooling and stripping device in one. Meet the Kousoku Recyler 2.0   DaiichiSieko Kosouku Recycler 2.0 Specifications   Type   Spooling Device   Material   …

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  • IDA’s Top 5 Murray Cod fishing tips

    Australian natives can be such frustrating species to target with Lures in particular Murray Cod. I’m not going to lie, fishing for these guys can really test your patience and skills. You can increase your chance of catching a Cod by following our top 5 Cod fishing tips below. 1.    Fish low light periods Dawn, …

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  • Sea Sherpa North Shore challenge

    REPORT:  Offshore kayak fishing competition in Portland, Victoria In the last 6 months of 2016, my Wife and I busied ourselves organising the Sea Sherpa North Shore Challenge.  The goal was to put on Victoria’s only dedicated offshore kayak fishing competition over the Australia Day long weekend.  Lo and behold, Australia Day 2017 was upon …

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  • REVIEW: Daiwa ’16 Certate 2004 spinning reel

    When the word Certate is mentioned most fishermen think of quality workmanship and prestige. Daiwa have not let us down with their latest version of this very popular spinning reel. Since 2004 the Certate has been gracing the mid/high end spinning reel market and creating a huge following and reputation along the way. We take …

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  • REPORT: Hervey Bay Tuna

    Something I’ve been trying to do regularly is head north during the cooler months, to experience some of the fishing that the tropical regions of Australia has to offer. Hervey Bay is a place that I have found not only ticks all the boxes fishing wise, but is also an easy trip for a few …

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  • GUIDE: Estuary surface luring

    Coming into the warmer months and topwater luring is on many a fishermans mind. By far one of the most exciting and visual ways of lure fishing its no wonder so many people are turning to this style of fishing. There is such a large range of species, fresh and salt, that are willing to …

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  • REVIEW: Daiwa’s Custom Project

    Standing out from the crowd. We purposefully do it with plenty of our “things” in life. Customizing our cars, motorbikes, boats, gadgets, clothes. The list goes on. So why not our fishing gear?? Daiwa has started the ball rolling on a serious level and introduced the new Custom X Project parts for their Fishing reels. …

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  • REVIEW: BerleyPro Fish Finder Visor

    We all know fisherman love their accessories, but accessories that can perform a few different and useful functions are normally harder to find, but that’s exactly what the BerleyPro fish finder visor does.   BerleyPro Fish Finder Visor Specifications Type Electronics Accessories Material ABS plastic Colours Black Size (mm) 85 X 260 x 170 Weight …

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  • Top 10 gifts for fishermen

    We had a reader of the blog contact us recently asking us for our recommendation of a good fishing rod that she could buy for her partner. We were told he was a keen and experienced fisherman, “almost obsessive” she described him as, and she said he had all the gear needed but she was …

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  • Hazelwood’s Barramundi Fishery

    I had a good chat with Fisheries Victoria’s Freshwater Fisheries Manager today Anthony Forster, trying to get some answers to those burning questions all us recreational fishermen had after we heard the latest news on the Hazelwood Barramundi stocking project. What most people don’t know (I certainly didn’t) is that there is a lot of …

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  • Quick look: 2015 vs 2016 Generation black rods

      Most of you know the Generation Black range of fishing rods by Daiwa are one of my all time favorite rod series, so when I heard about some of the changes they were making to the 2016 model rods I was pretty excited. Hands down I still think they are one of the best …

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  • Piers, Pylons and Pontoons – Targeting bream around man made structure

    If bream are one of the species you like to target whilst fishing, then I have no doubt that at some stage or another you have managed to catch or at least have seen Bream hanging around or feeding off man made structure of some sort. Man made structure will provide some of the best …

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  • REVIEW: Daiwa Tournament 8 braid Evo

    I’ve been lucky enough to been trialing some Daiwa’s newly released Tournament 8 Braid Evo for the last 6 months and running it through its paces on all my favourite light tackle species. Targeted at the mid range line market, Tournament 8 Evo is a step above their popular and excellent J-braid, managing to keep …

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  • IDA FIRST LOOK: Daiwa ’16 Certate 2004

    The eagle has landed! All I can say is Wow! When I first saw pics of Daiwa’s new 2016 Certate I was impressed and very excited, and now finally having one in the flesh I can say I am not disappointed. So far the new 2016 Certate 2004 ticks all the boxes for me, looks, …

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  • DIY: Hobie Kayak Livewell Electric pump upgrade

      We are well underway for the 2016 Season of the Hobie Daiwa Bream Kayak Series. The opening event at Bemm River in East Gippsland saw a record field of 105 Anglers battle it out over 2 days. As always Hobie ran a seamless event, but with the sheer number of competitor even with split …

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  • REVIEW: Daiwa Tournament Pro Spike 53SP

    Need a decent size light tackle lure that casts well, dives deep and hangs in the zone? Well look no further, Daiwa’s Tournament Pro spike is here to answer all your needs. Daiwa Tournament Pro Spike 53sp Specifications Type Deep diving Minnow Buoyancy Suspending Depth 2m+ Size/Weight 53mm / 5g Colour options 13 Included Hardware …

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  • Childs Play – soft plastics fishing with kids

    This summer I have enjoyed teaching my 4 year old son to fish, he started to show interest watching me rig rods and clean my boat at home, and I was keen to start him lure fishing straight away. I found him a great little graphite kids rod which is 5ft long and light, and …

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  • REVIEW: PFD Australia – Storm Rider Angler Yoke

    Introduction With new boating and life jacket laws bought in around the country over the last few years a pfd (personal flotation device) is now high up on most peoples list of items to purchase for their boating and kayaking pastimes. There are many pfd’s available on the market now too, with the Storm Rider …

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  • Top 3 Finesse fishing tips

    “Finesse” is a bit of a buzz word around the fishing traps at the moment, but in essence just means making some changes to your tackle and technique which will be a bit more subtle and hopefully help your catch rates for some of those more finicky species. So here is our 3 best tips …

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  • Getting yourself into kayak fishing

      Kayak fishing as a sport has really taken off in the last few years, with all the major brands now having dedicated models especially for fishing. Not to mention the huge number of kayak fishing competitions currently happening all over the country. But you shouldn’t feel left out. It really is quite easy and …

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  • REPORT: 2015 Vic Bream Classic – Mallacoota, Round 5

    A bit of a write up of our latest round of the Vic Bream Classic held down at the beautiful Mallacoota in far east Gippsland. And beautiful it was! Sunny warm weather made for great boating, but probably made the fishing a little bit slower than normal for this time of the year. PREFISH Prefish …

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  • REVIEW: Daiwa J-braid

    Looking for some new braided fishing line? IDA give a run down of Daiwa’s latest well priced, battle ready “J-braid”, and let you know how it’s been performing for us.  Daiwa J-braid Specifications   Type  8 Ply braided line   Material  PE   Colours  Chartreuse and Multicolour   Diameter  0.06 to 0.43mm   lengths  150, …

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  • REVIEW: Smith Creek – Trash Fish

    We all know fisherman love their accessories. This is especially true with fly fisherman who seem to have gadget to do almost everything. Many of these are fly fishing specific, but I recently came across a device that’s applicable to all anglers, regardless of fishing style or location, the Smith Creek Trash Fish.   Smith …

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  • Species Insight – Rainbow Trout

    Its only days till the opening of the rivers to trout fishing for the 2015/2016 season in Victoria. Let us help you get a better understanding of a target species that will be on many peoples radar in the coming months, the Rainbow Trout. Want to learn more about other species? Check out the rest of …

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